Anime Art

Anime Art-Free Coloring By Number makes creation so simple, click on the picture, switch colors, create rationally, and release pressure. You only need to color according to the color blocks we gave, you can create beautiful pictures, and you can download them to your mobile phone.

Paint and decompress, let your mood go, and create your own two-dimensional world with your fingers!

Anime art-easy to create:

-Simple gameplay combined with well-designed coloring areas, users only need to click on the pre-defined coloring areas to get beautiful pictures. Coloring has never been easier!

-Many new anime, anime kid and other pictures are updated every day. You can also share your work with friends.

-Pick up your phone anytime, anywhere, click to create.

Anime art-rich in content:

-More than a dozen different styles of classification to help you find your favorite anime and anime kid pictures as soon as possible!

-Thousands of exquisite pictures, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of coloring and getting exquisite pictures!

-Continuous updates and well-designed wireframes will make you feel a relaxing and pleasant gaming experience!

-The gameplay for all ages brings such a pleasant and stress-free moment to players, allowing players to relax and be creative.

Anime Art-Free Coloring By Number is the best way to reduce stress! Download our game now, you will get a lot of free beautiful pictures to create your own artwork, let us try this wonderful game and share it with your friends!

Watermelon Merge

😊The hot decompression mini game in 2021, merge a big watermelon, will bring you a relaxing and pleasant gaming experience.

🌺Game features🌺:
💖Simple and easy to play: just click to control the landing of the watermelon, and you can combine the fruits.
Classic gameplay: 2048 gameplay, can’t stop🔥 .

💖Experience smoothness: the smooth synthesis effect and the refreshing explosion effect will let you feel the charm of the game during the synthesis process.

Friends, quickly tap your finger to synthesize the big watermelon that belongs to you💖!

Tap Build

You can select various color blocks according to the number and click to color. This is a fun way to kill time and reduce stress!

————The main features of Tap Build———–
⭐Various voxel models of different categories:
There are many kinds of voxel models in the game, including comic characters, animals, plants, buildings, food, vehicles, etc. You can color them by number. We will continue to update categories and models!
⭐Easy game operation:
Each voxel model has different layers. Users only need to select the appropriate color block, click or paint the model block according to the number to efficiently complete the model building. You can relax your mind and body by building a digital model anytime, anywhere!
⭐Unique game performance:
The game construction model has an impressive performance, rich special effects scenes; you can have the fun game operation and refreshing game rhythm experience!
⭐All game models are completely free!

————Other functions of Tap Build———–
❤️After you finish the model, you can appreciate the model you built from multiple angles and experience the fun of construction!
❤️After building the model by number, watch the short video to review your construction process!

❤️Tap Build is the best game to reduce stress! With a wealth of props, you can have refreshing game experience and fully enjoy the fun of coloring games! More features and pictures will continue to be updated!