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Reviewty creates a beauty community, consult and write reviews about cosmetics around the world, experience free cosmetics in the event.
From global beauty review app to reviews, ingredients, rankings!
Do not worry about what cosmetics to buy!
Just check reliable real beauty reviews

■ A reliable real beauty reviews written by real user
Meet the honest reviews in various beauty categories such as foundation, color makeup and functional cosmetics!
You can also check only the reviews of users who match the type of your skin type.

■ Check cosmetic ingredients of 5000 products, 260 brands
Do not buy anything. Now you can understand your skin and use the right ingredients for you.
Please check all ingredients smartly as well as 20 ingredients, allergy, skin type, specific ingredients, functional ingredients,

■ Check the genuine retailer that guarantees from Reviewty
No longer need to wander to find a genuine retailer.
Check out the actual user reviews, select the products, and check the retailers where you can buy genuine products at once.

■ Popular cosmetics ranking
Please check out the ranking by category, age, skin type, such as Skin / Toner, Oily Skin, 20’s Cushion Ranking, etc.,

■ Take useful beauty contents and get involved to event for getting benefits!
Check new and popular products from beauty trend news and get information to useful skin care common sense.
And also, Join various events to get benefits more and more.

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■ Guide to access authority of Reviewty app
[Essential Access Rights]
-Device information:
Permissions needed to identify errors in the app and improve usability.

[Optional Access Rights]
You can use the service even if you do not agree to the optional access rights.
– Photo/Camera:
This is the right to attach a photo, when registering a profile photo, requesting a product registration, requesting registration of product information, or requesting a product information modification.

※ Contact
If you have any problems using the app, or want to affiliate or advertise, please contact ‘[email protected]’ or the ‘Contact Us’ feature within the app.
If you write comments alone in the review, we will not be able to reply. (Weekdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Except weekends/ holidays)

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