Videry: Video Converter To MP3, Ringtone Maker

You want to convert video to audio music. You are looking for the best video to audio converter application. Videry is a software that integrates all video and music cutting features in one.
The main features of Videry software: convert video to audio, cut video and merger, cut and merge music.

The main feature of the Videry app
1. Convert video into MP3 audio
🔼 Feature helps you to convert from video to audio file like MP3
🔼 Supports many different video formats: MP4, MPEG, WMV, AVI …

2. Cut and merge video clips
🔼 Customize free video cut and join
🔼 Cut the video into short clips
🔼 Merge short videos into one video

3. Cut and join music
🔼 Cut the music you love
🔼 Merge and mix different tracks. You can mix music and insert it into the video
🔼 Supports many different formats: MP3, AAC, AMR, FLAC, …

The outstanding advantages of the Videry application
🟉 Extract music from video quickly
🟉 Convenient video cutting
🟉 Cut music in 3s
🟉 Easy tag editing
🟉 Application interface is beautiful, easy to use
🟉 Small application size, fast loading
🟉 Free

Download Videry now to get a great set of tools for video and music. Don’t forget to rate 5 * and leave us feedback on Google Play!

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